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How I decided to get No Man’s Sky on PC over PS4

no man's sky

I’ve been dwelling on whether to get No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 or PC. It was no brainer that an exploration fan like me would definitely get the most hyped game of the past few years. With the PlayStation 4 version releasing early on (today!), the choice between getting it on PC and PS4 was

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Started playing the Uncharted Collection

While watching an episode of Doctor Who that has a kind of Indiana Jones feel to it, I suddenly came to the disappointing realization that despite having a PlayStation 4 system at my home, I still haven’t played some of the best PlayStation exclusives yet. You’re right, I’m thinking of the Uncharted series. 

With VR on the horizon, should I opt for Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR?

oculus rift

When I first grasped the idea of how a virtual reality works, I was immediately blown away. There could be many, many real world applications of a VR headset in our hands, but one thing that I was particular excited for is the same thing that most other people are excited for — gaming. 

Why You Should Get the Free PS Vita Games on PS Plus Offers

PlayStation Plus membership is no stranger to the people who are members of the PlayStation Plus. Okay, that was a dumb thing to say. If you’re a PS Plus member, of course, you know what that is. But most of us PS Plus members are doing something even dumber. Or at least, I have been

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