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I’m back in wasteland; this time with more power

fallout 4 pc

The first time I was in the wasteland, I was super excited to start exploring the post-apocalyptic universe, for such atmospheres always make me excited. However, as anyone familiar with the entire Fallout universe knows, it’s anything but easy to survive in the world Bethesda puts you in. Even though I failed to progress much further

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Can you finish Fallout 4 without killing anyone? This guy did

When I say without killing ‘anyone’, I actually mean, without killing ‘anything’ at all. That sounds like a nearly impossible thing to do, right? Given how difficult Fallout 4 is, added with the fact that even the game developers said the game is to be played with some degree of violence, it’s a safe assumption

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Is this the most emotional opening scene of a game?

I spotted an article on Polygon early today and I immediately remembered the game the article talks about. It’s Ori and the Blind Forest, one of the most critically acclaimed games on Xbox and Windows in 2015. The game features a beautiful atmosphere and a touching story. And all of it starts right at the

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I guess I’m not a gamer per se

game over

Who is a gamer? This question can be as complicated as who is a writer and who is a photographer. Those who write are writers. But not everyone will agree with this answer. Pretty much everyone writes a few sentences for Twitter and Facebook these days. They don’t necessarily call themselves writers. In the same

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These Are the 10 Most Talked-About Games In 2015 According to Facebook

the witchet 3

Despite what you think, 2015 has been a year for the gamers. Especially towards the end of the year, too many highly anticipated games have been announced or released. Gaming enthusiasts had no shortage of games to play and rant about. As Facebook is still one of the most populous places where discussions of all sorts

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