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How I decided to get No Man’s Sky on PC over PS4

no man's sky

I’ve been dwelling on whether to get No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 or PC. It was no brainer that an exploration fan like me would definitely get the most hyped game of the past few years. With the PlayStation 4 version releasing early on (today!), the choice between getting it on PC and PS4 was

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This video from Valve on Steam will get you super hyped up about VR

steam VR

We’re entering the generation of VR. With Google’s Cardboard, VR has already been experienced by a huge number of people. With the launch of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive comes the biggest push of VR in the gaming world. And to make matters much, much more interesting, Steam’s homepage today links to an amazing video that

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Little things like this is why Firewatch is an engaging game

firewatch ps4

If you keep yourself informed about the gaming world, chances are, you’ve heard of the game Firewatch. It didn’t make as much noise as some of the other games released in recent times like Tom Clancy’s The Division or Far Cry Primal, but this indie title did make some noise on the web. Those of

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With VR on the horizon, should I opt for Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR?

oculus rift

When I first grasped the idea of how a virtual reality works, I was immediately blown away. There could be many, many real world applications of a VR headset in our hands, but one thing that I was particular excited for is the same thing that most other people are excited for — gaming. 

I’m back in wasteland; this time with more power

fallout 4 pc

The first time I was in the wasteland, I was super excited to start exploring the post-apocalyptic universe, for such atmospheres always make me excited. However, as anyone familiar with the entire Fallout universe knows, it’s anything but easy to survive in the world Bethesda puts you in. Even though I failed to progress much further

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Now I have a roof and ride on GTA Online

aisajib gta online Cognoscenti 55

To think that I’ve been playing GTA 5 along with its online edition for over a year and I still don’t own a car or a house is just plain stupid. In fact, that tells me how much I’m not online multiplayer experience. I’ve spent countless hours in GTA 5, and most of those hours were spent

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