Pre-purchased Horizon Zero Dawn on PC for just $15.99

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking games I’ve ever played on PlayStation 4. The console’s jet engine-replicating sound aside, it really felt like the developers pushed the limit of what the old console could do. Playing on a 40″ 1080p resolution TV, I didn’t feel for a second that it was running on a multi-year old console that’s three times cheaper than the PC I built four years ago.

The only problem I ran into with Horizon Zero Dawn was the fact that I’m really, really bad at aiming with a controller. While I have finished games like GTA V and Far Cry 4 on a PlayStation 4 without much of an issue, for most first-person and third-person shooter games, I find using a mouse a much faster way to aim. It’s the reason I bought a number of games twice — Far Cry 5, Overwatch, etc. — the latter being on a PC just so I could enjoy proper aiming.

horizon zero dawn pc

I still continue to be on the noob-end when it comes to aiming, but it’s more responsive with a mouse.

I didn’t go past maybe 10% of the game’s progression on PS4. I loved when I heard for the first time that the Sony exclusive was hitting PC. I wish more games did that. I know there’s a certain VIP-like feeling that some people seem to get when games are only available on a platform they play on, but in my eyes, some games are so good that they should be available for other players on other platforms.

Horizon Zero Dawn easily falls into that category. And I’m glad that it’s really made its way to the PC world. If you’re reading this today, you can buy the Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam for just $15.99; a steal of a price if you ask me for the amount of content you will get. Update: It appears the pricing is valid for my region (Bangladesh, Asia) only. The US store lists the price at $49.99 at the moment. In my opinion, that is still a good deal!

I don’t know yet how optimized the game will be for the PC audience. But I’m sure that even if the game is rocky at first, it will get better. It makes sense to buy this game early if you’re even remotely interested in playing it in the coming days while you’re still stuck inside during a pandemic.

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