Thoughts on PlayStation 5 design, price, and availability

There shouldn’t be a single soul in the world right now who loves gaming but hasn’t already looked at what the next generation of consoles — both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 look like. As a PlayStation fan, I was impatiently waiting for the official reveal of the PlayStation 5. And here we have it. In this post, I’ll gather some thoughts about the PS5 design, potential pricing, and of course, the availability.

But first, let’s relive the moment when the PlayStation fans got their first look at what’s dropping later in the year.

The first thing that I thought to myself was — wow! I did not expect the PS5 to look this cool! I mean, the combination of black and white, the curves, everything looked so good and that I almost had a goosebump!

After the initial excitement wore off, though, I began to look at the nitty gritty details and I gradually became frustrated over a few things.

The bulk of the regular edition PS5

I’m glad that there are two versions this time: One that allows discs — like all PlayStation consoles to date, and the other that Sony calls “PlayStation 5 Digital Edition” where you can’t insert a physical disc, so you can only download games from the PlayStation store.

For many people outside of this subcontinent, it makes sense. I know a handful of PlayStation 5 gamers who have stopped buying physical discs a long time ago. When asked, they thought physical discs had disappeared! For us in this part of the world where physical discs are still going strong, primarily because their resale value, we might find it odd.

But it’s not too different from those of us who have stopped buying DVD for PC games! I haven’t bought one in the last 6+ years. All my games have been downloaded digitally — either through Steam or another launcher like Origin, Blizzard, and most recently, Epic. But did you know physical copies of DVD are still available for most modern PC games?

Even cracked games are locally available in DVD because not everyone has the capacity to download today’s obscenely large video game files from the internet.

The point here is that I will be buying the regular edition of PS5. And I’m angry that the design here is asymmetrical, making it look uglier when compared to the digital edition’s symmetrical design.

playstation 5

If you look at it carefully, you will feel like the option to insert the disc was an afterthought for the designers at Sony. I wish it was hidden somewhere else, maybe between the mid black section and the white walls on either side.

I know the engineering team probably had to make a decision to put it where it is to better accommodate the new generation hardware, but as a consumer, I’m just sad by looking at it.

The size of the PlayStation 5

I have ranted about the poor asymmetrical design aspect of the regular PlayStation 5 edition. But if you look at the size comparison charts that have surfaced on the web, you’ll be amazed at just how huge the new generation console appears to be.

ps5 size comparison

Coming from someone who thought the PS4 Pro was big (Mine is a regular PS4 before it gave birth to two sons: slim and fat). If this comparison is accurate, I’ll have to rethink where to put this thing in my room!

I’m not necessarily mad at the size of this, though. I’m sure the extra space was needed to pack in all the power that it supposedly has. But it’s an important observation regardless!

Price and Availability

I think it’s safe to assume that PlayStation 5 will be available before the holiday season. I don’t know when they will make their way here or how much the local sellers will charge for an ‘early-buyers’ tax,’ but it’s safe to assume by the time 2020 is over, the PlayStation 5 will sit at many homes around the world.

As for the pricing, there have been few rumors and leaks that point to a $599 price tag. I don’t know if that’s going to be correct. In my opinion, $499 is a competitive price for the start of a new generation of consoles. Then during the holiday sales, it may be available at $50 discounts at various shops around the world to entice buyers to drop some cash in an effort to ‘save money!’

Will PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have different pricing?

I think that’s a good question.

If Sony was to make one of them more expensive than the other, I’d assume it would be the Digital Edition as it looks sleeker and better overall. People do pay higher for aesthetics, they always did.

On the flip side, there’s incentive for Sony to push people to buy the digital edition more than the regular one (so game developers can eventually stop having to produce physical copies altogether). If you think about that, it makes sense for Sony to make the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition slightly cheaper than the regular one that accepts physical discs.

I’m not sure what makes the most business sense for Sony, but I have a suspicion that the company could make both of them the same exact price too. So you have the option to choose one or the other based on your preference without having to worry about spending more.

It also makes sense for buyers who have the luxury of returning products with no questions asked in developed countries. They can change their mind and exchange one for the other without having to pay more. In my book, this is a win-win situation all around.

What’s your poison?

It’s interesting that this year, prospective console buyers not only have to choose between Microsoft’s and Sony’s offerings, but if they choose camp Sony, they will have to choose between two different options. I know Sony already offers two different versions of PS4 right away, but other than the performance boost, there are no significant difference between the two.

Since I already have a gaming PC, I won’t be looking at Microsoft’s offering, but for the PlayStation 5, it’s an easy choice for me. What about you? Which of these versions do you plan on buying? And what is your overall impression about the next generation of Sony’s console design?

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