How I decided to get No Man’s Sky on PC over PS4

I’ve been dwelling on whether to get No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 or PC. It was no brainer that an exploration fan like me would definitely get the most hyped game of the past few years. With the PlayStation 4 version releasing early on (today!), the choice between getting it on PC and PS4 was harder than ever.

I’ve finally decided to get it on PC. And in this post, I’d like to tell you why.

no man's sky

buying no man's sky steam

“Sit back and relax”

The reason I wanted to get No Man’s Sky on PS4 in the first place was to sit back and relax. That’s the idea behind games like “Life is Strange, Firewatch, or No Man’s Sky” where you don’t have fast-paced action. I like to “sit back and relax” while playing these games.

Because my PS4 is connected to a large screen TV, it’s just easier to turn on the system and get to play. With PC, sometimes I just feel lazy to turn on, sit in front of the computer, and play. Being lazy as I am, it was no brainer that I’d get a game on PS4 because it was ‘less work’.

There’s another reason I buy games on PS4: resale value. There’s a market for physical discs of PS4 games in Bangladesh. That means if I buy a physical disc, I can sell it later. That’s a huge factor for games that I don’t necessarily see myself over and over again (Think Call of Duty and Battlefront).

With No Man’s Sky, I was sure I’d be playing it for a long period of time. So digital vs physical was not a deciding factor. It was the ease of play. And it was solved by a colleague when he reminded me of Steam’s streaming capabilities between computers on the same network.

Streaming Steam

I already knew it, but I hadn’t thought of doing it. I have an Intel Compute Stick that I bought a few days because I thought it looked cool. While I’ve written a glamorous first impression review about it on my blog, I still thought it wasn’t capable of streaming games. I wasn’t familiar with the technical aspects of streaming, but I just thought streaming games would be putting too much stress on this little thing.

intel compute stick


As I was about to spend some money, I thought it was worth a try to see how it would perform. I installed Steam client on the Intel Compute Stick running Windows 10, launched Steam on my desktop computer, and the option to stream games instantly showed up.

I launched Doom first. And I was immediately blown away. The experience was almost lag-free; certainly not a game-breaking experience. I didn’t feel much input lag. And the stream worked just fine.

I launched Euro Truck Simulator 2 next, and I had a similar experience. The only downside I noticed by playing these two games was that the graphics felt a little bit downgraded. The games’ graphics settings were correct, so I assume this was Steam downgrading something about the stream to keep it smooth and going.

And just like that, I was able to solve the issue of ‘sit back and relax’. I already use DS4Windows to connect my DualShock 4 controller to my PC wirelessly (The PC detects it as an Xbox Controller, which gets in the way when in-game controls are viewed, but other than that, it works great). So when No Man’s Sky is finally here, I can stream it to my Intel Compute Stick that is connected to the biggest screen at house,

So when No Man’s Sky is finally here, I can stream it to my Intel Compute Stick that is connected to the biggest screen at house, connect the DualShock 4 controller to the computer via Bluetooth, and play.

And most importantly, I’ll be able to sit back and relax!

Are you getting No Man’s Sky? What’s the most attractive aspect of the game for you if you’re planning on getting it?

3 Replies to “How I decided to get No Man’s Sky on PC over PS4”

  1. I had never though of using an Intel stick for this purpose. I use an Nvidia Shield TV for streaming to my TV, and it works mostly pretty well. For whatever reason, my main issue with it is controller inputs freezing sometimes.

    I considered buying the game on PS4 since it came out early. But ultimately, I sided with the Steam version because of the better performance. Considering how ambitious the game is, it just makes more sense.

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  2. have not played no mans sky yet, apparently some love it and some hate it, it looks like an interesting game to play =)

    btw i nominated you for the EBA award =D check my post to know what you have to do

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