Video: PS4 Remote Play on Mac and PC Review

Sony has just released the final version of its new software update for PlayStation 4 that brings a host of new features. Most prominent of those features is the ability to remotely play from a PC and Mac. It has been anticipated by many for a long time, and it’s finally here. 

ps4 remote play on mac

As soon as the software update was downloaded on my PS4, I went to the remote play download website and downloaded the software for Windows first. Here’s my experience with it on Windows.

(Scroll down for a video of Far Cry Primal being played on a MacBook Pro)

Remote Play to PS4 on PC

PS4 remote play on PC settings

The installation of the fairly small PS4 Remote Play app was quick and painless on my Windows machine. I took a look at the settings option and it appears both frame rate and resolution can be set. However, the maximum resolution is 720p. I’ve also noticed a slight bit of blurriness when remote playing on the PC.

You start by connecting your DualShock 4 controller to the PC via  USB cable and by clicking the Start button. That prompts you to log into your PlayStation Network account, which then completes the setup process by registering the PS4 on your Remote Play software.

ps4 remote play on pc

In the screenshot above, you can see that it’s possible to play on a PS4 in a windowed mode. While it may not be the preference of many, it’s cool to see that the option is there. But you’re not limited to that windowed mode, don’t worry. You can hover your mouse inside it and you will see the option to go full screen.

In full screen mode, I did notice a slight bit of blurriness across the board when playing Far Cry Primal. My Sony TV is to my left so it didn’t take much effort to quickly glance at both to compare how they look to my eyes. While it’s not the perfect experience that you’d like, it’s good enough.

What surprised me most is how lag-free (mostly) the experience was. Every input was registered instantly and it felt like I was playing on the PS4 directly (though the PS4 controller is not directly connected to the PS4). Overall, despite the slight blurriness, I liked what I saw.

Now, on the Apple garden..

PS4 Remote Play on a MacBook Pro

ps4 remote play on mac

Remote Play on a Mac is as awesome as it gets. More so because it’s a small display (13″ retina MacBook Pro) and it felt super amazing to be able to connect the DS4 to the laptop and play looking at that screen. I made a video showing you both of those in full view so that you can witness how the experience is.

As you can see, this is really, really awesome! Sony has definitely nailed it this time. I’m pretty sure that I will now be seen across the house with my laptop more than ever before since I can connect to the PS4 from my Mac and play wherever I am.

For decent experience, Sony recommends a high-speed internet connection with upload and download speed of at least 12 Mbps. Additional hardware requirements are here:

ps4 remote play requirements


If you have a PS4, and you’re wondering about getting a laptop, you can see that most laptops released in recent times are more than capable of using the PS4 Remote Play software. It definitely comes as a good news to those who want to play on their laptop without having a gaming level configuration

Have you tried out the PS4 Remote Play yet? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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