Little things like this is why Firewatch is an engaging game

firewatch bra
This is not what I’m talking about, though. Read further down for the video of an actual in-game conversation.

If you keep yourself informed about the gaming world, chances are, you’ve heard of the game Firewatch. It didn’t make as much noise as some of the other games released in recent times like Tom Clancy’s The Division or Far Cry Primal, but this indie title did make some noise on the web.

Those of us who listened, we were very eager to play it.

I saw the first IGN video showcasing 15 minutes of the game a few months ago. I got so hooked into the calmness and mystery of the game that I didn’t want to believe that the video had ended and I had no way of knowing what happened next. All I could do was hope that some more gameplay will be released.

One thing I knew for sure was that I’d buy that game the moment it came out. And I made no mistake to do that as soon as I noticed Firewatch on the PlayStation Store.

I fell in love with the game even before the game could completely kick off. Through a few paragraphs of text and some choices that I had to make, I was already blended into the main character whom I’d be playing over the next few hours.

Without going to deep into the many things why I loved Firewatch, which I would do in a review soon enough, here’s a very short clip showing a conversation between me and the primary (read: mysterious) character.

You do not always need to report whatever you see in the world. But she is so engaging, fun, and full of life that you can’t stop wondering how she would react if you reported something to her. That’s just one of the things that made playing Firewatch a worthwhile experience for me.

If you’re still hesitating why you might want to spend 20 bucks on this game, feel free to wait a few more days until I publish my full personal review of Firewatch.

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