I’m back in wasteland; this time with more power

The first time I was in the wasteland, I was super excited to start exploring the post-apocalyptic universe, for such atmospheres always make me excited.

However, as anyone familiar with the entire Fallout universe knows, it’s anything but easy to survive in the world Bethesda puts you in. Even though I failed to progress much further in earlier games (Fallout 3 and New Vegas), I thought I’d still give it a try.

As expected, I couldn’t get much far. Even though I like the Fallout atmosphere, I still didn’t manage to play strategically enough to have enough ammo every time I found myself outnumbered by raiders or ghouls.

fallout 4 on pc
This was one of the prettiest scenes I encountered when playing Fallout 4 on a PlayStation 4 platform.

Despite how much I wanted to get through the storyline, I couldn’t manage to get far at all. I suck at difficult games, and even with hardcore Fallout fans saying that Fallout 4 is a dumbed-down version of the previous Fallout games making it much more streamlined (read: easier), I couldn’t manage to get much further.

As with many other games that I found too difficult to progress through, I haven’t played the game since then and put it up hoping to play someday later when I can find enough time to come up better strategies, convince friends to help me, or find enough time and patience to read through the guidelines and tips that are are out there.

And then something totally out of the blue happened: I purchased a computer that’s capable of running games. You can learn more about it in my announcement post here. As you can guess, I got my hands on a number of games as soon as I could, and one of those games was Fallout 4.

fallout 4 pc
Seeing this for the second time, now on a PC.

I wasn’t planning to play the game anytime soon, but because I have got an exam tomorrow, and I’m too lazy to study, I thought what better thing to do than play Fallout 4?

I launched the game, and while listening to the theme song, I got sort of emotional again. It’s such a beautiful song! It just makes you feel…..I don’t know, exactly the kind of setting that Fallout 4 puts you in. It’s amazing how music can make you feel things on the back of your mind even without any words spoken, right?

Anyway, I started playing Fallout 4 again, and this time, I plan to finish it. However, there’s a catch. I’ll be having mods and activate cheat codes whenever I feel necessary.

Now, that might make my impression bad to many of the purists out there. I understand that. This is not how the game was meant to be played: unlimited ammo, no damage, etc. However, I’m not a hardcore gamer anyway. I play games because I like to explore the story and the universe they put me in. Yes, I can better experience the games if I play by the rules.

But then again, rules are meant to be broken. 😉 And for me, when a game gets too difficult, I stop having fun playing that.

deathclaw fallout 4 pc
Cheat or no cheat, killing Deathclaw is difficult.

I won’t deny the fact that I had more satisfaction after killing Deathclaw during my first playthrough on PS4. Desperately trying to kill the beast as I was running out of ammo did leave me with a satisfying experience.

However, with a cheat code that enabled unlimited ammo, I still had fun. Perhaps not as equal as with the fear of running out of ammo, but it’s worth the trade-off knowing that I won’t have to die a hundred times at the same point. Besides, even with unlimited ammo on my mini gun, it did take quite a while before I could take the beast down. I’m glad no such thing exists in real life.

I’m enjoying Fallout 4 for now. I’m curious to experience the story. I’m cheating a little bit, yes, but that doesn’t bother me. I’ve played just now for a bit and it was as exciting as it could be. Here’s to whatever is next on the Fallout 4 universe that I’m yet to encounter.

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