Now I have a roof and ride on GTA Online

To think that I’ve been playing GTA 5 along with its online edition for over a year and I still don’t own a car or a house is just plain stupid. In fact, that tells me how much I’m not online multiplayer experience. I’ve spent countless hours in GTA 5, and most of those hours were spent offline, playing as either Trevor, Michael, or Franklin.

However, now that I’ve got GTA 5 on PC, with a not-so-warm welcome from Rockstar, I’m beginning to regret not spending enough time online back when I was on PS3 and PS4. I’ve transferred the character from PS4 to PC, and I wasn’t completely sure if this character transfer between PS4 and PC was possible. In fact, I didn’t plan on buying a PC anytime soon which is the main reason why I didn’t invest on GTA Online.

Now that I am on a PC with some of my closest friends, I now regret not having ranked up and earning GTA dollars.

So, after that realization, I looked at my [GTA] bank account and noticed that I had enough to buy a middle-class house in hills and get myself a pair of cars and a motorcycle. So I went online on GTA Online and bought myself a pair of cars.

gta online aisajib cars
This is the Karin Sultan, bought for $12,000 only.

The first car that I’ve purchased is a Cognoscenti 55 armored edition. Of course, I wasn’t sure if it came with full armored, so I took it to Los Santos mod shop and realized that I couldn’t get the full armor until my rank is 100. I’m way below that so I’ll have to wait a while until I can upgrade the car to 100% armored.

aisajib gta online Cognoscenti 55
This is the Cognoscenti 55 armored edition. The first GTA Online car I’ve purchased.

When I tried to buy the car, I saw a warning that I didn’t have a place (garage) to keep the car. Which meant I had to buy a house first. I looked at some of the houses in the Dynasty 8 website from the phone and purchased a property somewhere in the hills (I’ll update this post to add the address later).

Of course, I didn’t know what I was buying. So I had to go into the house later on to see the interior.

As you can see, it’s nothing fancy.But at least, there’s a TV. 😉


I bought a second car called Karin Sultan and, for some weird reason, it cost only $12,000. I’m not sure what’s up. The car seems great. Of course, I couldn’t get all the upgrades because of my rank, but the car seemed like a good deal. Perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye? Perhaps there’s some secret upgrade somewhere that I’m yet to unlock.

For now, I like both of the cars. Now it was time for a bike. And I mean, a motorbike, not a bicycle.

In real life, I’m not a big fan of motorbikes because they are accident-prone and extremely risky. Call me whatever you want, but I don’t like riding motorcycles at all. But in GTA, motorcycles are fun to ride fast and get from point A to point B. I always liked driving a motorcycle to move around Los Santos and the Blaine County area. So I got myself this Thurst.


So far, I like its speed and the sound the engine makes when I’m riding it at high speed. So I’m not regretting buying any of the things I’ve bought so far.

Now that I’ve spent some, time to get back to the loading screen playing some more missions to refill the bank account!

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