Your account has been locked due to repeated failed sign in attempts: Rockstar Social Club

It was the first time I was trying to log into the Rockstar Social Club from a computer. I did try to log in before when I played Grand Theft Auto IV.

But it never worked on any of my computers (I’ve had two till now). So I had to come up with a fix, which I’ve written about here after researching on the web, which completely disabled Games for Windows Live.

I used to play GTA IV offline. I still do today. I installed GTA IV after installing Steam on my new gaming PC as soon as I could. I’m a big fan of the storyline of GTA IV and I have a special thing for GTA IV not just because of the story, but also because of where it’s set in: Liberty City.

I’ve had the chance to visit New York City in real life. It brings back some of those memories. 🙂

I’ll talk about my memories with GTA IV in another post. This is about the first problem I faced when trying to log into Rockstar Social Club from a PC.

As many of you probably already know, up until a few days ago, I was only a PS4 player. I’ve finished GTA V on PS3 and then got it on my PS4 too. I played GTA V on my PlayStation 4 for many hours although I didn’t spend much of those hours on GTA Online nor did I progress through the actual story.

I’m more into ‘screwing-around’ type of guy. Trevor, if you will.

As it happens, most of my friends play GTA Online on PCs. So it only made sense to get a copy of GTA V on Steam, too. And it was important to log into Rockstar Social Club to be able to play with my friends unlike GTA IV where I didn’t need to go online.

Also, I already have a character on GTA Online which I’d like to import. Logging into Rockstar Social Club is important for that reason, too.

But as soon as I tried to log into Rockstar Social Club by launching GTA V through Steam, I was met with this error message:

Your account has been locked due to repeated failed sign in attempts.

I actually did know what was going on. I was the one who was trying to log into Rockstar Social Club using a wrong password. I reset the password and was able to log in afterwards. But for some reason, Rockstar was not letting me in saying that my account had been locked.

Captchas showed up on the login window, but veryfing that way didn’t seem to work. So I did what anyone with an internet connection would do: I searched the web with the exact same error message, and I stumbled upon a number of forum threads on various forums including Rockstar’s very own.

Surprisingly, and sadly, if I might, I couldn’t find any solution to actually solve this problem. So I thought, why not give password reset another try?

I reset the password of my Rockstar Social Club and I was able to sign in immediately.

That’s it. It’s a simple fix, but I couldn’t find anybody recommending it anywhere. I’m usually the type of guy who writes about stuff for his ownself. For example, I wrote this guide to installing GTA IV on Steam running on Windows 8 a long time ago. I had to spend quite a while trying to come up with that fix (that was spread across a number of forums), and it finally worked.

So I wrote that how-to guide and published on my blog. Many years later, this week, I didn’t need to search again when I had trouble installing GTA IV on my Windows 10 computer. I knew I had written about it, so I searched my blog, and followed my own steps.

GTA IV was up and running in no time.

I’m publishing this post mainly to help people who might be facing similar problem in the coming days. That’s really the reason why the whole error message is the title of this post.

And yes, if you’re on Steam/Rockstar Social Club playing GTA V and you don’t mind adding me up (warning: I’m not a pro!), here’s my universal ID: aisajib

Now it’s time to get back to Los Santos!

(As a side note, if all else goes well, I’ll take a trip to Los Angeles this coming May. In case you can’t understand how this is relevant, Los Angeles is the real life city of Los Santos that you drive around committing crime in GTA V. I’m excited to see the real life structures of what I’ve only seen so far in GTA V!)

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