I’ve got a gaming PC!

If you’d be kind enough to take a look at this link, you’d be taking a trip down my memory lane. 2009 was the year when I first purchased my own computer. Prior to that day, I had no computer of my own. But my love for computers was so deep that I’d spend every bit of my savings to go to various cyber cafes around the neighborhood.

I used to game a bit here and there. Cyber cafes are the places where I first played GTA Vice City and a handful of other games. But I wasn’t a big gamer. I was more into browsing the web, writing blog posts, and explore the world outside of my own neighborhood. I was so much into writing that I even knew more people in virtual life than in real life. I know, it’s a classic tale of online life.


Specs before we go into the details.


But I led a sad life because I couldn’t afford a computer which, at that time, was not a luxury anymore. Until, of course, the day when I finally bought the first computer of my life.

Fast forward to today, I’m now a proud owner of a gaming PC!

Why did I go for a gaming PC?

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, chances are you know that my primary entertainment system is a PlayStation 4. I’ve written again and again that I love how easy it is to just insert a disc into the console, let it install, and start playing.

sajib's gaming pc

I’ve ranted about how much I love waking up the PS4 using my DualShock 4 controller right from my bed and turn it back off. I’ve written about how much I love not to worry about whether or not the upcoming game will run smoothly on my system or not.

As long as it’s being released on a PS4, I knew I could play it. Yes, there may be graphics related issues. But I play games primarily because of their storyline. Graphics do matter to me, but not nearly as much as it does to most other gamers out there.

So, all that sounds good, why did I opt for a gaming PC anyway? Well, the simple reason is that most games are cheaper on Windows platform. You know about that good enemy of PC players called Steam that doesn’t let money stay in our pockets? Yeah, I’m talking about their endless sales round the year.

sajib's steam library
I’ve got some games, such as GTA IV, that I want to play again in good graphics. And some others, such as Just Cause 2 and more, that I haven’t even played at all!

It’s not just that. I’ve got a pretty good selection of games lying on my Steam library and I’m doing them a disservice by not playing them. That’s another big reason why I opted for a gaming PC.

Not just for gaming

sajib's gaming pcIt’s no secret that one of the best things about a gaming PC is that you can do other things on it. Granted, I have a couple of Mac computers and I can get pretty much anything done on them. But I’m shifting my focus from photography to videography, and while my MacBook Pro can handle After Effects and Premiere Pro quite well, I don’t want to do much intensive work on that simply because that’s a work laptop. I’m not supposed to do my personal projects on a work laptop.

On a full-fledged Windows PC, which is much cheaper yet more powerful than the top-end iMacs, I can not only play games cheaper, but I can also do as much photo and video editing as I want. That’s one of the main reason why buying a powerful PC made sense to me.

Did you say powerful?

Well, I kinda did, didn’t I? The thing is, my knowledge about PC parts is very limited. It’s always been that way. Hardware hasn’t interested me. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by people who are pretty knowledgeable about those things. And they assured me that I’ve got myself a pretty powerful PC.

sajib's gaming pc

I guess, now is the time I tell you what you’re here for — the specs!

sajib's gaming PC


sajib's gaming pc

sajib's gaming pcimg_0608img_0611


I didn’t expect to find NZXT casing. It’s not as widely available in Bangladesh (or so I thought). I loved the casing as soon as I saw it and I kind of knew this is the type of casing that I wanted. Sure, there are some things that are missing from this casing. It isn’t easy to move it around (no handles or something like that) although it’s a pretty compact mid-tower.

The other thing I’d love to have is a glowing logo of NZXT inside the casing. I’ve seen way too many rig-building videos on YouTube that I’ve fallen in love with that glowing logo inside the casing. Sadly, neither NZXT nor the Asus graphics card has anything that lights up inside the casing.

So, let the game begin?

Well, not so fast, sadly.

I’ve got tons of work to do and a class test to attend early next week. So, despite my best intentions, my gaming PC has to lay low for a while. Of course, there are tons of setting up to do (photo editing software, video editing software, essential software, etc.) so that’s going to take up quite a bit of time.

In the meantime, while Steam downloads some games to my computer, I’m going to explore the mysterious land of Firewatch, which I’ve talked about in the previous post on this site.

What do you think about my build?

4 Replies to “I’ve got a gaming PC!”

  1. you seem rather happy, i am gettig a gaming pc soon (what a coincidence) and this blog helped me alot, do you mind doing a blog about steam? i need to know a bit more about what it is

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