I finally got Firewatch

Here’s something I neglected to write about: I was, and still am, extremely hyped up about the game Firewatch. It didn’t attract me as much when I first saw the trailer or the poster. It looked like yet another game that I won’t play. A lot of games are released each year and not a lot of them are good enough to make them worth playing.

However, after watching the first IGN First video of Firewatch, I was so damn hooked that I had trouble believing that there was nothing I could do to find out what happened next. That’s right. Firewatch may not have that great of a graphical performance, but it’s the story that I’m rooting for.

If you haven’t checked out that video yet, and you’ve got ~17 minutes to spare, do check out the video below.

If you’ve watched the video above, and you’re into mysterious stories like me, you know why I’m hyped up about it.

Today, just because I didn’t have anything else to do, I fired up the PlayStation app on my phone and went to check what games are on discount when I noticed Firewatch. I was like, what?? I didn’t know when the game would be released and it came to be as a nice surprise that the game had already been released on February 9th.

The game is officially priced at $19.99 on PS Store, but thanks to my PlayStation Plus subscription, I got a little discounted price. I didn’t think twice to hit the purchase button.

firewatch ps4

As of writing this post, I’ve fired up my PlayStation 4 after a long time (work and study, the two biggest enemies of gamers of all time 😦 ) and started downloading the game. Not sure how long it will take, but I’m excited to play it.

Expect a lot of posts about Firewatch in the coming days (depending on how good or bad the gameplay and the storyline is, of course).

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