How I Got Addicted to the Far Cry Franchise

Let me start this post with a fair warning: A number of posts about Far Cry 4 will follow as I’m enjoying every bit of this game’s wonderful world. I can’t believe how awesome this game is in terms of visuals, gameplay, and the things that can be done. I can’t get enough of this game even when my eyes can no longer stay open. I literally fight to stay awake to finish just the next mission.

When I’ve finally finished the mission and just preparing to go to bed, a side quest pops up that seems too valuable to be left for later.

This is Far Cry 4. The game that I will recommend to each and everyone who loves exploring a virtual world of serenity and chaos. 

It all started..

It all started when an unsuspecting me was browsing the local CD shops for some PC games. I did not have a decent PC to play games, so I had to be very picky about what I choose. Far Cry (1) was the game that I bought that day without knowing what this game was all about. I hadn’t heard of the game then, and it was just the cover that caught my eyes.

Back at home, I installed the game and started from a cave. After finishing the tutorials, I came out of the cave into a beautiful beach. That’s when the killing began. Along with that began the next few hours that I spent exploring the Far Cry universe and enjoying the environment, sound effect, and the storyline.

far cry 1 jeep

I started disliking Far Cry as soon as the mutants were introduced. I liked the secrecy beforehand. I liked playing against human enemies. The mutants kind of made the game much more difficult and weird. While the environment — especially in Treehouse level — was still epic, I began to feel detached from the core Far Cry experience that first glued me to the screen.

far cry 1 treehouse
The treehouse level was one of the most memorable missions of the Far Cry franchise.

Then there was Far Cry 2. A game I didn’t like from the beginning. Having spent ~10 minutes watching the introductory scene of riding a jeep, I immediately felt as if this game did not belong to the Far Cry franchise. I get it, it’s still a war of some sort. But the environment that Far Cry (1) set in my mind did not go with what was in front of me. So I stopped playing Far Cry 2 just after a few first missions.

Far Cry Reborn

I was way too happy when I found that Far Cry 3 was playable, albeit at a low frame rate, on my Dell laptop that has an integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics chip. I installed Far Cry 3 and was glued to it from the first mission. It felt like Far Cry 1, but a lot better in terms of visuals, story, and gameplay.

I spent countless hours playing Far Cry 3 on my 14″ laptop. I played the story mission. Fortunately, Far Cry 3 had a much, much better story compared to Far Cry 1. The ending was relatively better although I didn’t like the occasional magical elements that they put into the game. But, I guess, you get used to it.

killing vaas far cry 3

The mission of killing Vaas (in a dream, was it?) was so complicated that I died over at least 30 times trying to get past all those incoming Vaas’. It took a friend’s tip that I shouldn’t bother killing them but dodge and move forward for me to realize that I had been doing it wrong. It was the most frustrating part of Far Cry 3’s campaign.

The only other thing I hated that I can think of is the fact that the game forced you to hunt animals with a relatively weak bow. Make no mistake, the bow is one of the most devastating weapons if you can master it. I enjoyed using it when silently taking down enemies. But to hunt animals? It sucked.

far cry 3 magical
The occasional magical missions was a pain in the ass, but in the end, it was satisfying.

Other than that, gameplay-wise, the game has been superb! All the things you could do has been amazing. Crafting felt like it took a bit of time and work, but it was relatively easier than some of the newer games like The Witcher 3 (which, admittedly, is a much, much bigger and complicated game).

The story of Far Cry 3 is beyond great. I haven’t finished Far Cry 4 yet, so I’m not going to compare. But Far Cry 3 has a really awesome story that gets you hooked to it if you let it. The chemistry between the enemies, how the story progresses, the ‘dark theme’ of the missions, the dialogues and how they are presented, and lastly, the progress of the main character — all of these things came together to make a great gaming experience.  The burning weed will always remain one of my favorite missions. I can still remember the first time I was playing that when the music went off!

The one thing that my friends and I made fun of was the fact that how a bunch of people — with no prior experience shooting guns — can become heavy warriors after landing on a tropical island. But I guess the game tried to tell us that it was….destiny?

Far Cry 4 – Too Good to be Called Amazing

I didn’t expect to play Far Cry 4 anytime soon because the performance on Intel HD 4000 is just unplayable. What I didn’t know was that I’d be buying a PlayStation 4 soon after and all of my major gaming would be shifted to consoles — a decision I’m proud to have made.

far cry 4

I’m playing Far Cry 4 these days. I got a copy of Far Cry 4 during my last visit to the US and ever since I’ve come back, I’ve been playing it at every chance I get. I haven’t progressed even 50% in the story. That gives you an idea of how much exploration I’ve been doing in this game that’s not even new anymore.

Far Cry® 4_20151125065009
Far Cry® 4_20151125063427

I won’t lengthen this post any more because Far Cry 4 is just too awesome to be talked about at the bottom of its previous games. Will I write a review of Far Cry 4? Most likely not. There are tons of reviews out there. What I’ll do from now on is share the thoughts, screenshots, and ranting that I’d do with a friend on this site.

Far Cry 4 has many elements — most of them not even in the story — that are thought-provoking. I’d just progress through my missions and share any updates that I find interesting to keep a note of here.

Have you played the Far Cry franchise yet? What’s your favorite Far Cry game so far? Why? Are you looking forward to the next Far Cry game that Ubisoft just announced? Sound off in the comments if you’ve got a minute. 🙂

12 Replies to “How I Got Addicted to the Far Cry Franchise”

  1. A very good writing brother… keep it up. I am also a big fan of Farcry franchise. Hope for the best for farcry Primal..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. never been a really big fan for far cry but now that youve talked about it, i might go and buy a copy, also, far cry primal is coming out soon, maybe you might want to check that out

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you want to play only one Far Cry, I’d recommend playing Far Cry 4. It’s a great experience you shouldn’t miss. Also, yes, I’m eagerly waiting for Far Cry Primal. 🙂


  3. Far Cry 4 was by far my favorite because it is such a well rounded game. The storyline is also quite good and by the end is very thought provoking. Excited for Far Cry Primal as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. There’s very little that’s not likable about Far Cry 4. Although I’m excited and waiting for Far Cry Primal, I’m not hopeful that it’ll be better than Far Cry 4. I mean, no firearms on a Far Cry game. What?! Still, I’m eager to play it for a new experience.


    1. Heh, I think Far Cry 2 is the only one that sucked. It lacks the whole “Far Cry” vibe that 1 set. 3 and 4 follows the same vibe. I’m not count Primal because it’s more like an incremental Far Cry than a full game despite the full price.


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