Can gaming help reduce depression?

I’ll spare you all the introductory phrases and get straight to the point. For years, video games have actually been pointed to as being the reason for depression, isolation, and lonesome. But, as the gaming evolved, nowadays, I see that it’s more like a ‘getting away from depression’ activity that can cheer you up, help forget anxiety, or just take your mind off reality for a while.

But the real question is, can gaming actually help reduce depression?

Let’s just say, without getting into the details, that I don’t enjoy scoring a goal on FIFA 16 as much as I did before nor do I feel the same kind of ‘like a boss’ feeling when I complete a mission on Far Cry 4 in an unusually awesome way. None of those has anything to do with how much I enjoy gaming as a whole. Let’s just call these ‘the bad days’ we all have at one point or another in life.

In gaming, even if you’re in a single-player mode, you’re never alone. In life, well, sometimes you truly are.

I tried to put my mind off the things that are happening and gaming doesn’t seem to help. Up until now, aside from being one of my favorite pastimes, I thought I could resort to gaming whenever life throws shit at me. It seemed like the perfect gateway that seems to have worked for a handful of people that I know.

Yes, writing is still my favorite thing to do when I’m down, but playing games is certainly a much more interactive and diverse experience than sitting alone writing things. In gaming, even if you’re in a single-player mode, you’re never alone. In life, well, sometimes you truly are.

Which brings me back to the topic at hand, did gaming ever help you get rid of depression? Or is it just limited to a bunch of happy folks who can get lost in gaming and reduce depression while at it?

I never thought this would be the topic for the last post in 2015. Well, you never know. Some philosophers would like to call it the beauty (!) of life. If you’re reading this, I wish your transition into the New Year goes far better than mine. 

5 Replies to “Can gaming help reduce depression?”

  1. gaming can get you out of depression, but games like sad satan that shows pdeophiles and dead bodys of children and real rape screams, just makes you even more depressed

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    1. That makes sense. But is it possible that even the cheerful games will fail at amusing you when you’re having a bad time?


  2. I have a partner who suffers from depression, and she plays mobile games to help calm her down and get her mind off things. Video games can be very therapeutic because they allow us to step out of our normal world for a bit. “Escapism” is something we all need from time to time, regardless if you have depression or not. I think more serious research needs to be done to see if Video games help reduce depression any more than other forms of escapism.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I believe that gaming can be a good method of escaping from the real life. It’s just that it doesn’t seem to work all the time. Or maybe that’s just me. Who knows.


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