Here’s to another year of gaming

In all honesty, I should say, here’s to a year of gaming instead of ‘another’ year, because it hasn’t been a year since I purchased my PS4.

Sure, I played titles like Far Cry 3 and GTA 4 in low settings on my old Dell laptop, but I didn’t necessarily enjoy playing those games. I stuck with GTA 4 because of its captivating story and Far Cry 3 because of its amazing gameplay. But I didn’t necessarily enjoy the experience of playing those games in a laptop that would freeze every once in a while.

After my SEGA, PS3 super slim was the first real gaming device that I purchased. While it gave me a very memorable experience (and a drastic change) in gaming, it doesn’t come even close to the experience of playing in a PlayStation 4.

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Why is PlayStation 4 so great? Well, it all begins with the most hands-on experience of gaming. The device that I keep in my hand the entire time, the controller. It’s really the best controller out there. My PC gamer friends agree to this as well. It significantly increases the gaming experience on the PS4.

I survived GTA 4 on lowest settings in a crappy laptop. I can survive everything.

Secondly, while many people would prefer a PC over a console due to greater graphics options and flexibility, I actually prefer the lesser options. I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about a particular game’s ‘system requirements for optimum performance.’

When a game is coming out on the PlayStation 4, I readily know that I can play this. Yes, the performance may not be as great as on a PC, but that’s okay with me. I survived GTA 4 on lowest settings in a crappy laptop. I can survive everything.

There are a few more reasons why I love playing games on my PS4 and why I can tell that it’s simply one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Most of those reasons prove — one way or another — that I love being lazy, like the fact that I can turn the device on right from the controller. But it’s these littlest things that come together to make for an overall great experience.

Right now, I have a handful of games in my arsenal that I plan to finish by Q1 2016. Most notable of them is Far Cry 4, because Far Cry Primal is coming out soon, and I want to finish Far Cry 4 before I move on to Far Cry Primal although that won’t make any difference story-wise. For now, I’m stuck in the prison camp that the CIA guy dumped me in and I’m trying to figure a way out. I’ve already

For now, I’m stuck in the prison camp that the CIA guy dumped me in and I’m trying to figure a way out. I’ve already created a grappling hook out of the things I found in the prison cells and climbed down the mountains. Now I just need to get the hell out of the camp…

There are many games coming out in the next year and more will spawn to surprise us even more. I’m looking forward to playing a bunch of games in the coming year. I’ve already created a shortlist of games that I must play unless they turn out to be really bad, and I’ll publish the list sometime next week.

Till then, Happy New Year!

7 Replies to “Here’s to another year of gaming”

  1. have a happy new year, hopefully next year wont be the return of bubsy or the f*cking potato

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      1. bubsy was a game on the snes, whilst it was a decent game for it s time, it did not really catch on, and then bubsy 3d came, and gamers hated, hey I agree, its one of the worst games ever

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        1. I did look up bubsy and I didn’t like what I saw. Then again, someone would look at Sonic the Hedgehog and think the same. But I’ll take your word for it and will not give this game a go. 😛


          1. I agree, but their was a time when sonic was good and had good games, but bubsy had always sucked ever since it came out, the games are playable but they are not very fun, they are just stupid


          2. at least sonic had good games, bubsy never did, the games are playable, but they are very boring

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          3. I think I know what you mean. I played the later episodes of Sonic and I didn’t like any of them over the original Sonic that I played on my SEGA.


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