Discovering Video Game OST

I think we all can agree to the fact that music is one of the coolest things ever invented. It’s especially true for the digital age when your entertainment experience can be further enhanced by good music. And today, I’m briefly talking about video game’s original soundtracks. 

I happen to have subscriptions to music streaming service Apple Music and Spotify. I didn’t mean to subscribe to both of them at the same time, but yesterday, while trying to figure something out, I mistakenly subscribed to one month of Spotify premium. I want to say it’s a waste of ten bucks, but I won’t say so. Spotify does have a vast collection of music.

What I didn’t know that you could find video games and movies’ original soundtracks in these music streaming services. While looking for the ‘burn all the weeds’ music (which is actually called Make It Bun Dem), I realized that the entire Far Cry 3 OST is available on not only Spotify but also on Apple Music.

Fun, right?

Something else I haven’t talked about at all is that I’ve recently started playing a bit of FIFA 16 just to relive the old memories. I used to play football on my 16-bit SEGA Mega Drive, and while FIFA 16 is lightyears ahead of what I played, it still does take me back to the old days.

Despite the fact that I still suck at the game, I do enjoy playing it. More so because FIFA 16 has a bunch of really good soundtracks. One that I particularly liked is titled ‘Let Me Know.’

I looked for FIFA 16 OST on Apple Music and realized that for some reason it wasn’t there. Funnily, it was available on Spotify.

My love for video game music goes way back to my childhood. There are tons of music that I listened to subconsciously while paying attention to the level in the game. Take this for example. It will always remain the most nostalgic music in my memory.

I’m sure you have some favorites in terms of video game’s original soundtrack. What are they?

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