DualShock 4 – A controller full of awesomeness!

I clearly remember on the back of my mind what the first game controller I’ve ever used looked like. It had a stick and just one red button. I don’t remember playing much in it, but it was the first gaming device that I’d ever seen at my home. 

Back in my early childhood, when I was first introduced to the world of gaming in an Atari 2600. It had some mediocre games, but I was pretty attracted to it. There’s a reason that games have been popular for decades, right?

However, because I haven’t played a lot in Atari 2600, and I didn’t get a lot of interaction with the controller. Besides, the console broke down and I only played with just the controller because it looked cool.The next big jump was from

The next big thing was SEGA Mega Drive. My brother and I have played it extensively. So many memories, in fact, pretty much all of my gaming memories from the childhood are from SEGA. It was the best thing I had at home. I could spend days playing — or even looking — at the 16-bit games that my brother used to play. It was a whole another world.

I remember the two controllers it came with. One was slightly big, which would always become Player 1; and the other was slightly smaller which was used by Player 2.

I don’t know why, but I always wanted to be Player 1. Perhaps that’s because Player 1 gets to choose which game to play and things like that.

The controller wasn’t groundbreakingly good, but coming from the Atari 2600’s controller, it was amazing.


I haven’t seen any gaming console or controller for the next few years after SEGA officially died thanks to rat invasion at home. I did see some Logitech controllers some of my friends would play with their PC, but I never quite liked them. I liked the fact that some controllers would vibrate at certain times, but it wasn’t as awesome to leave my jaw hanging.

On February, I gave a real thought into buying my first gaming console. It would be a Super Slim PS3. I had zero idea about consoles and none of my friends were able to give me any. So, I went online and searched for everything there was to know about PS3 and the controller.

That was the first time I realized that the DualShock 3 controller that comes with a PlayStation 3 has a motion sensor (SIX-AXIS?) and vibrating motors. I didn’t know about it at all, and I was super excited about it.

After getting GTA 5 on PS3, I was blown away by the controller. It was awesome to hold, comfortable to play for long period of time, and it felt responsive.

But the best was yet to come. I didn’t know that I’d be getting a PS4 sooner than I can imagine.

With my PS4 I welcomed DualShock 4 at my home. And man, I couldn’t be more blown away! It’s hands down the best controller ever designed. It’s comfortable to hold, feels like it’s made to be held in hands for an extended period of time, it doesn’t feel slippery, huge, or bulky like the Xbox One controllers, and the triggers and sticks are neither loose nor tight.

It’s just the perfect controller for your PS4 (and beyond) gaming needs.

I say beyond because some of my PC gamer friends have also been blown away by the comfort of the DS4 and planning to buy it to pair with their Windows PC. Yes, the Xbox controller plays better with Windows as both of those are from Microsoft.

But Sony did the DS4 so right that even PC gamers seem to like the controller more than what’s out-of-the-box compatible with their games on PC.

We did come a long way in the technological revolution. And my gaming controller is yet another proof of that radical advancement. Imagine playing those 16-bit SEGA games on a DualShock 4 controller back in the day…!

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