Playing games is like participating in a movie

Remember the time I wrote about my premature exploration of Kyrat Airport in Far Cry 4? I closed the post saying that I had a feeling I’d be back there soon, and it won’t be pretty.

Turns out, I was right.

There was a stealth mission at the airport which took me quite a bit of time and strategy to complete. I had to take down six snipers. I mostly used a bow because, if I used any other weapon, it alerted the rest of the enemies, failing the mission objective.

But I wasn’t expecting how the mission ended. I had to get on an ATV and chase a fleeing aircraft down the runway. At the end of the runway, I just had to jump off the cliff and use the wingsuit to dive into the plane, grab some files, and when leaving the aircraft mid-air, put a grenade inside of it before finally parachuting onto the ground.

Straight out of a movie shot, right?

Even better, I got to be a part of it. Yeah, it’s not real life. But hey, actors don’t do things in real life either. They do in green screen. At least, we as gamers get a better taste at these things than the actors do. 😉

I have a video of this mission, but thanks to my low bandwidth, I haven’t been able to upload it yet. 😦

What was the best movie-like mission that you’ve played in a video game?

2 Replies to “Playing games is like participating in a movie”

  1. it depends because there are games that make you feel like your NOT in a movie, like this one (video not owned by me)

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