Insurgency is 85% off at just $2.24 on Steam

With an average review of ‘Very Positive’, co-op multiplayer game Insurgency is now available on Steam at an outstanding 85% discount. That’s just $2.24 if you want to buy it for yourself or gift someone.

I haven’t played this game. In fact, I came across this title and came to know about this discount as a friend of mine wanted me to buy it for him.

At this price, it’s almost a bargain. Especially given the fact that it received highly positive reviews from over 34,000 players makes this game worth playing. But then again, I’m not the multiplayer FPS type. So, I won’t be buying this for myself.


But if you are the multiplayer type and want to play this with friends, the four-pack is on sale for just about $7. If you’ve got 4 friends who’d be willing to play with you, I would say, go for this game. I asked someone who played this game and their dwarf review was: “Imagine Call of Duty but on CS:GO engine.”

Yeah, not for me. :3

Anyway, I don’t know how long the sale will last, so I suggest you buy this title if you’re interested as soon as you can. You can find Insurgency on Steam and the game runs on Windows and Mac.

Have you played Insurgency? What’s your thought about the game?

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