The Best Things About PS4: Instant Startup

I own a PlayStation 4 for my gaming needs and I love every bit of the experience. This short series is to rant about the many things that I love about PS4. Some of these will also apply to all consoles in general. Stay in touch to read more and leave your comment or questions if you have any.

I have a habit of not sleeping properly at night. My work schedule is the weirdest that you’ll ever see. Most of the time, I wake up early in the morning and work until noon. And then I work again around midnight. 

However, that schedule isn’t always maintained as things change and I have to shuffle my hours around. Sometimes, I have to stay up late at night because I woke up late in the morning. Sometimes, I just can’t sleep despite not having anything hanging over my head.

Those are the times when I turn to my trusty PS4. Whether it’s 1 am or 4, having a PS4 that I can turn on right from my bed using the TV and PS4 controller is a comfort I can hardly describe.

I make it no secret that I’m the lazy kind. And sometimes I leave my personal projects hanging because I just don’t want to get up. I don’t have a gaming PC, but if I did, I’m pretty sure I’d feel lazy to get up and turn the PC on. Sitting in front of it to run the game is something I’m too lazy to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a PC is inferior. I’m only saying that for a lazy mind like me, I prefer the comfort of PS4. I can just turn the thing on in an instant and start playing — given that the right disc is inserted, of course!

I realize it’s too little of a comfort to talk about in a post. But there are more! And all these little comforts come together to make for a great experience playing games on PS4.

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2 Replies to “The Best Things About PS4: Instant Startup”

  1. I’ve got Destiny in digital only form and the disk for Fallout 4 inserted, so no need to mess with changing disk for many hundreds of hours. If I had my controller charging from the couch instead of the console life would be complete. There’s something worth investigating…

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