My Mom Loves GTA V! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I purchased my first gaming console, a used PlayStation 3, back in February 2015. It was a PS3 Super Slim. I found it at a great price and the sole reason for buying it was to play GTA V.

Little did I know that someone else in my home would be interested in this, too.

The graphics of GTA V on PS4 looks remarkably better than on PS3. But I didn’t know that when I first played it on PS3. It was still way better than anything I’d ever seen. The scenic beauty, landscape, changing light, sky, etc everything came together to make for a beautiful experience.

As it turned out, my mom couldn’t help but notice me playing in a life-like environment. So one day, I asked her to sit down and give GTA V a try. She didn’t play for much long as she had to run for that ‘yet another chore,’ but she did drive around for a bit.

I was quite surprised at how good she handled the car. Not to mention that it was not only her first time playing video games, but also the first time on a controller. I was lucky to capture this picture above at a perfect moment that you can see her dodging an oncoming car in the freeway.

I took this picture and shared it on Facebook right away. It quickly became one of the most popular things I’ve shared on Facebook this year.

I’d forgotten about this already. But Facebook put it up on my Year in Review post. And I wanted to keep this from getting lost in the flood of Facebook. So, here we go. 🙂

Have you let your mom/dad play any games on your console/PC? Have they ever did great on any games? Let’s share all the stories! 😀

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