Week 2 of PS Store Holiday Sale Begins

This is the last week leading up to the holidays and PlayStation is offering quite a few popular titles in the second week of its Holiday Sale. The most notable of these games that are on discount are The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 as well as The Last of Us on PS3. 

I’ve noticed that if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you get a significant discount over the discount that non-PS Plus members get. So, if you’ve got a PS Plus membership, don’t forget to take advantage of the ongoing sales.



As I logged into the PlayStation Store, the prices were updated to reflect the additional discount thanks to my PlayStation Plus membership.



As you can see, there are some great titles being offered on the second week of the Holiday Sale on PlayStation 4. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend buying The Last of Us while the offer lasts. Pretty much everyone who played this game praised its awesomeness and you shouldn’t be left alone.

If you played the original but haven’t played ‘Left Behind’, now is the time to purchase it.

I’ve taken a look over the titles offered and the only title I find myself interested in buying is Metal Slug 3. I’ve been a Metal Slug fan since forever. But I don’t think it’s worth buying the game because it becomes repetitive on the second play.

Nostalgic games like Metal Slug are good when played every 10 months or so. I downloaded an emulator on my Dell laptop and finished Metal Slug X not too long ago. While Metal Slug 3 is obviously a bit different from Metal Slug X, I’m still going to pass it just because I’ve got tons more games to play first.

These prices are from North American region of PlayStation Store and will remain valid until December 23. If you like any of the titles you see, be sure to purchase it while the offer lasts. I’m hoping to see some pretty big titles on discount when Week 3 of the Holiday Sale is up.

Are you going to buy any of the games offered above?

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