Heroes of 71 – An Android Game Tribute to the Liberation War ’71

It’s not every day when a game developed in Bangladesh creates buzz among the Bangladeshi people. Particularly in the mobile gaming world, Bangladeshi developers are no strangers. There have been games developed by our talented developers in the past. Some of those games have drawn a large international audience as well.

But today’s release of Heroes of 71, a game currently available for Android devices only, means something special. It celebrates the birth of this country and pays tribute to the many people who fought with their lives for the independence and sovereignty of this country.

Heroes of 71 is a third-person shooter game. Through the gameplay and story, it tries to depict the true nature of the liberation war that took place in 1971. Although no amount of efforts can depict how incredibly hard it was for the freedom fighters to fight the war against the Pakistani forces, but ‘Heroes of 71’ gives it a good shot with its somewhat difficult levels that players have to progress through in order to unlock various aspects and weapons of the game.


The game doesn’t have groundbreaking graphics, and I’ve seen some people complaining about issues in the later levels. But that’s to be expected. It’s at version 1.1. And it’s not really the graphics that matters here, it’s the story that the game tries to tell.

The game received massive word of mouth marketing through Facebook. It hasn’t been 24 hours yet since the game’s release, but you can already see it’s been rated by more than 5000 people on Google Play store. We all know that not everyone who plays a game rates it on the Play store. So the actual number of installs is way more than that.

I applaud the hard work and efforts the game developers and designers at Portbliss Games have put into making this game a reality. It has received  the warm welcome that it deserves — more so because it’s released on the Victory Day of Bangladesh — and now it needs to be updated regularly with new missions, weapons, and possibly stories to keep it relevant and interesting in the coming days.

If you haven’t checked already, you should install Heroes of 71, a free game on Google Play store, on your Android device and give it a go.

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