Game Rant

How do you know when to play games?

I’m not writing this because I’m having trouble finding time to play games, I’m writing this because I’m just wondering how other people find time to play games. Assuming that you don’t play games all day, every day, how do you come up with the time to play games?

For me, I never know when I’ll play next. If I’m not doing anything, I’ll boot up the PS4 and play for a bit. When my work is done, and I don’t have anything else planned like hanging out with friends or writing a post for some blog, I’ll usually turn to my PS4 and explore some more land in Far Cry 4 or die a few times in Fallout 4.

Is that how everyone plays games?

I remember, back in the old days, my mom used to set a certain number of hours when I was allowed to play. Usually, that time would be right after lunch and all the way until sunset.

I still remember those horrible memories of being called to study as soon as the sundown! I remember how much I loved playing games on my old SEGA Mega Drive. And I’d known that the more time I played, the more chances that my parents would be furious at me for playing the game.

Fast forward to today, nobody really asks me to stop playing games. Of course, I can’t play games all day because I’ve got work and other stuff to do. But even if I do play games all day during off-days and weekends, I don’t snubbed for doing so.

At least, there are some things about the present where I don’t have to sigh and say ‘gone are the good days!’ 😛 Gone are not the good days. These are the good days. At least, as far as gaming is concerned.

So, coming back to the topic at hand, how do you decide when you want to play games?


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