Day 3: PlayStation Network Still Down in Bangladesh

I first spotted that PSN was acting weird the day before yesterday when I was trying to buy the game ‘Tower of Guns’ at a discounted price of $3.75. PlayStation Store app loaded just fine on my PS4, but it wasn’t loading the shopping cart preventing me from buying the game.

Turned out, PlayStation Store was down in Bangladesh for some users. I asked around and got the answer that quite a few people were having issues connecting to PlayStation Network from Bangladesh.

Sometime yesterday, I was able to log into PlayStation Store from my PlayStation app on the iPhone. So I quickly bought the Tower of Guns, still at a discounted price, for $3.75. I don’t know how I was able to access it because I can’t directly log into PlayStation Store now from the browser, and the PlayStation Store app on my PS4 no longer loads.


I noticed today that I was unable to log into PSN on my PS4 too, preventing me from being able to play online on any games that require a PSN connection (which is, pretty much all the games today).

Not that it bothers me a lot not to be able to connect to PSN, because I suck at multiplayer, but I hope that the connection will be restored soon and that Sony is aware of whatever is causing this problem.

Fortunately, I’ve purchased the game that I wanted to and it’s now in my library. So, I don’t have to worry about the price going back up again tomorrow.

But it was just week 1 of sales. Who knows what offers Sony has up its sleeves for the coming weeks this month?

PSN, please be restored. :3

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