Tower of Guns and Resogun Are on Sale on Holiday Week 1

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, we’re still in the holiday season. And PlayStation, in association with Amazon, is taking advantage of the occasion by offering a number of games at a discounted price.

These prices, however, seem to be applicable for PlayStation Plus members. I’m not sure what the prices look like for those who don’t have a PlayStation Plus membership.

psn amazon holiday week 1

The Holiday special week 1 appears to be offering games, movies, and other entertainment content. But I’m only interested in games. So I took a deeper look into the games that are offered for this week.

psn amazon week 1
There are more..

There are some good titles for PlayStation Plus members. But I found myself interested in only two games: RESOGUN and Tower of Guns. Funny thing is, before today, I had no idea what Tower of Guns looked like. I watched the trailer and looked up for reviews on the web and they seem mostly positive.

For just $3.75, I can’t go wrong with a game that seems to offer so much content.

I added Tower of Guns to my cart and tried to proceed to checkout only to face with a frozen screen. When I realized that something was wrong as the problem didn’t fix itself after restarting PS4, I checked from my browser and was greeted with this.


Clearly, PlayStation Network isn’t handling the sale that well. It’s pretty frustrating why I was able to see those prices but can’t purchase it. Especially given the fact that the discount doesn’t last for too long (I vaguely remember seeing that the offer prices are valid until December 14).

I’ve already written why I think PlayStation Plus membership is worth every cent even if you don’t want to buy any more games. But if you do, you can see now how your yearly subscription becomes useful for buying games at an even cheaper price.

Now, only if PlayStation Network comes back up before the offer expires, that’d be great.

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