Today in Kyrat Fashion Week Hunting: Many Warnings!

“Kyrat Fashion Week” makes me laugh so hard every time I come across these three words. But I also like hunting in Far Cry 4. The presence of animals, the fear of being hunted down by them is something I love about Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 3. It’s also the main reason I’m eagerly looking forward to Far Cry Primal where animals play an even more significant role.

Back to the present, I found this Kyrat Fashion Week quest right after liberating an outpost and I decided to take part in it. It asked me to hunt down a rare honey badger. Okay. But the problem was, it asked me so many times to confirm that I wanted to accept the offer that I began to fear the difficulty of that hunt.

Far Cry® 4_20151208182657Far Cry® 4_20151208182705Far Cry® 4_20151208182711Far Cry® 4_20151208182719

Funny thing is, after all of these repeated warnings, it took actually less than 10 seconds to kill the rare honeybadger. It was a real disappointment (not that I wasn’t happy that it was an easy hunt, though!).

There were a few things I came across after killing the rare honeybadger. There was a temple nearby and inside there were many snakes with human skeletons lying around.

Far Cry® 4_20151208183047
Inside a temple. The atmosphere was…incredibly terrifying.

Things like these are what make the experience of playing hours of Far Cry games truly worth it.

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