MacBook’s Keyboard Found in Kyrat on Far Cry 4!

So I was screwing around Far Cry 4 instead of progressing with the story when I came across Kyrat Airport in the map. Anyone who knows me well knows the fact that I’m a big fan of airports and airplanes. As soon as I discovered that there was an airport in Far Cry 4, I packed up and set sail. 😛

The map had a red haze over the airport area indicating that it’s an enemy-heavy area. Fortunately, when I reached the airport, I discovered only three enemies strolling around. There were three alarm posts that were guarded by nobody. So, I disabled the alarms first just to be safe. I had already realized that I’d gotten there too early in the game. A future mission is likely going to take place in this area. And it’s not going to be pretty.

Far Cry® 4_20151208180715

I can’t say I wasn’t a bit disappointed when I realized I couldn’t fly the only plane in the airport. But I kept looking around to find something interesting. And man, an interesting thing was indeed waiting for me to discover!

Far Cry® 4_20151208180412
Hmmmph. Something seems familiar here…

These types of computers are not rare to come across in video games. They look like the computer I had at home back in the 90s where the monitor would be placed on top of the horizontally laid out CPU case. But that’s not what that got my attention.

As a ‘keyboard enthusiast,’ (like that’s a thing!) my eyes were locked onto the keyboard that seemed oddly familiar. It looked like something I had never seen before….in a video game.

So I looked down the sniper scope to be sure.

Far Cry® 4_20151208180437
Someone’s a fan…! 😀

I spend upwards of 15 hours on my computers both of which are Macs. I knew what I was looking at the first moment I spotted it. It was the built-in keyboard of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (not MacBook’s, though; I wrote that in the title to keep it shorter).

Funny thing is, Apple Wireless Keyboard does not look like this if that’s what the developer/designer of the game was going for. Apple Wireless Keyboard has the same layout, but it’s white. This kind of keyboard can only be found on Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineups.

It was an interesting find; especially in the world of Far Cry 4. 😀

Anyway, continuing on with my exploration, I found a helicopter landed nearby and couldn’t resist myself looking at the runway from top down. It looked pretty cool.

Far Cry® 4_20151208181209
Kyrat Airport from high up. Some enemies spawned just as I was about to leave.

Far Cry® 4_20151208181238

As I flew away from Kyrat Airport, I couldn’t help but think that little things like these are what make games even more interesting than they already are. It isn’t exactly an easter egg, to be honest, but it is an interesting thing to hide away at a small room inside the airport.

I’ll surely be going back to the airport soon enough. But I have a feeling that the next time I’m there, it won’t be to look at the keyboards. 😐

Have you played Far Cry 4? What interesting things did you find while exploring the world?

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