Back to San Andreas

I can’t say it was easy choosing between the two, but I have decided to play GTA San Andreas instead of Vice City now that both of these PlayStation 2 titles are now available on PlayStation 4.

The decision is largely based on the fact that I’ve played GTA Vice City very recently on PC. I haven’t finished it this time either, but I did get far. Getting the game again on PS4 would have given me a different experience for sure, but it would have felt repetitive.

On the other hand, it has been a while since I played GTA San Andreas. I remember the fact that I was able to drive for a longer period of time at high speed in the freeway as opposed to in Vice City where I would run out of road in a short while.

gta san andreas on ps4

So, I’ve decided to go for the San Andreas instead of Vice City. Also, because I’ve played GTA V which is based on San Andreas’ map, I’m curious in seeing the ‘earlier version’ of those locations. I’m also curious to see how it looks in 1080p although it’s upscaled.

The speed is pretty slow right now, but it should be finished downloading over night. Tomorrow is Monday, so I’ll have to work first thing in the morning before I get my chance to start the game.

It feels weird to be waiting for a game that’s sure to make me nostalgic and take me back to my childhood.

For those who are unaware, GTA Vice City and San Andreas has been re-released for PlayStation 4. The individual price of these games is $14.99. I wish it came in a bundle of, say, $20, for both of the games. But it didn’t. So I had to choose between the two.

When was the last time you played GTA San Andreas?

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