The Impossible Dilemma of GTA Vice City vs San Andreas

First things first, don’t hate me for putting GTA Vice City up against San Andreas. I’ve played both of them, and while they come from the same company, they are completely different kinds of game in terms of story, graphics, and the environment. GTA San Andreas tries to give a more realistic look while Vice City goes like a comic-like scene. And that went pretty well with the story and the environment that the game gave us.

So why do I have a dilemma over two of the most recognized games of all time? Well, it’s because, they are being re-released on the PlayStation 4.

The news of a handful of PlayStation 2 titles being released for PlayStation 4 has hit the web recently. Many people think it’s a move to win against what Microsoft did with its Xbox backward compatibility. It may or may not be true, but I tend to not care. It doesn’t really matter which one has better ‘compatibility.’ Personally, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that you can’t play your old games in a new console.

vice city
I’m not expecting super graphics. But as you can see, it looks good even on phones. So, it can’t be any bad, right? 😀

Why? Because, they didn’t promise you that you will be able to keep playing the game for generations to come in the newer consoles. I mean, you can still play them if you’ve got the-then generation console, e.g., Xbox 360 or PS3/PS2. So, what’s the big deal?

In any case, that debate aside, I’m thrilled for GTA Vice City and San Andreas is coming to the PS4. Although at $15, the price isn’t exactly cheap. I’m still excited about them. But I’m not sure which one to get. A choice between Vice City and San Andreas is a tough choice indeed.

Vice City

Much of my childhood is attached to GTA Vice City. I didn’t have a computer and I’d go to a cyber cafe to access the web, write blogs, and play games. GTA Vice City was the only game that computer had installed in it. As you can guess, I’ve played many, many hours and ended up spending a significant chunk of the childhood into this game.

gta vice city rc copter
The blood-sucking person who designed this mission must die a peaceful death, because we won’t, because of this mission. -_-

In fact, pretty much regularly I’d go to the cafe at early morning hours and I’d see the in-game sunrise while watching the real sunrise out of the window. I’ve driven cars around, played with boats, activated fun cheatcodes to screw around Vice City, and listened to the radio.

I didn’t understand much English back then. So my GTA radio fun was limited to just the music. I missed all the talk show humor that Rockstar gave us years ago with that game.

I’ve also spent countless hours driving around with the ambulance and taxi. It was one of my favorite activities to do in GTA Vice City.

San Andreas

GTA San Andreas was the real deal back then. So big, so beautiful, so many things to do. The cars felt and sounded better. Missions were more varied. And the overall feeling of the game and its environment made me glued to the screen.

cj train mission
All you had to do was not do the damn mission, CJ.

I didn’t play GTA SA as much as I did Vice City. But I’ve put enough hours into it to make it a memorable one.

In terms of actual missions, however, I haven’t finished either of those. I can’t quite recall what’s the last mission I did in either of those games, but I got pretty far. I started playing Vice City a few months ago on my PC and went pretty far before getting distracted by the new games that are around.

To revisit the memories with GTA Vice City and San Andreas, I don’t really need to buy either of them on PS4. They are available on phone, too. I just want to get one of them for the experience of playing it on a big, 40-inch screen with a controller in my hand. I’m not a big fan of mobile gaming,  except for some simple and fun games like Monument Valley, so I never really installed Vice City or San Andreas on my phones.

Which game do you think I should get? Should I spend the money and revisit my longest memories with GTA Vice City? Or should I get GTA San Andreas to revisit some of the vague memories I have with it, and in the process, appreciate the vast improvement Rockstar has made to the current GTA V, which includes pretty much all of San Andreas map?

Let me know what you think. If you wanted to play again, what would you play? Vice City, or San Andreas?

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