Steam Gifts Are Awesome!

Gone are the days (pretty much) of sending gifts in a wrapped box. I mean, you could still send gifts that old fashioned way. But most people today — at least those like us — would rather have you send something digital that would have a better value.

Like gifts on Steam.  😀

I wasn’t totally expecting these bunch of games to come my way. I just asked a colleague of mine to exchange some gift cards with me. I’d bought Steam cards worth $150 because some of my friends asked me to. After coming back home, I discovered that the exchange rate here is lower than what I’d paid to convert my currency into USD before my travel. So, it wouldn’t have made any sense to try and sell those cards at a lower price than what I had spent to buy them.

steam library

Unfortunately, I don’t have a PC, so a bunch of Steam cards are of no use to me. I do have an old Core i3 laptop where the last game I played was Far Cry 3, but I wouldn’t buy anything with the intention of playing that on that Dell laptop.

The colleague of mine helped me exchange the gift cards. He bought a couple of PlayStation Network cards for me and we exchanged the codes. Apparently, he’s deep into Steam as I discovered with disbelief that he had over 3,000 titles on his Steam account. 😮

In any case, shortly after that, I received these emails.

steam gifts

I was still logged into the Steam client and these notifications also popped up.

steam gifts

Just Cause 2 is something I wanted to play for a long time. I even downloaded a cracked copy of the game to my Dell laptop, but for whatever reason, that copy lacked English language pack. So I couldn’t play the game. So you know how happy I was to have received that game.

I’ve heard a lot about Dead Island, too. Don’t Starve also have some good reviews and I’m looking forward to playing that. Contagion is yet another game I’m curious to try out.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to download the games on my Mac because they are not compatible. Gaming is still an area where Windows excels.

I’m afraid not all of these games will work well on my age-old Dell with an i3 processor and Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. I’ve downloaded Just Cause 2 last night and I’ll now see if it’s playable at all.

As you all know, Just Cause 3 is out and I was this close to buying its disc for PlayStation 4. But I wanted to hold off and buy a used disc at a reduced rate later.

In the meantime, I’ll play Just Cause 2 (assuming it’s playable on my Dell) and see what it’s all about.


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