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Yet Another Striking Similarity Between Los Angeles and GTA 5

Who doesn’t know that the beautiful city of Los Santos is based on the real world city of Los Angeles? Still, as not a resident of L.A., it always surprises me how realistic the game’s world is compared to the actual world. I’ve talked to some people who live in L.A., and they said that they knew most of the map in the game even before they explored it. I would never get to know how that really feels!

Last year, on a company trip, I went to the US through multiple stops at different airports. One of the stops was in Los Angeles International Airport. I had a 4-hour layover and God I wished I had a 15-hour layover instead. All the places I’ve hung out in GTA 5 are just a few hours away from the airport. I could totally leave the airport and take a taxi or something to Venice Beach and a few other locations.

As luck didn’t favor this time, I just got to see the airport and some views from above. The city of Los Angeles looks like a big circuit board from the airplane. And a few moments before our final approach to land at Los Angeles International Airport, I noticed this:

Which immediately reminded me of Trevor’s hanger in GTA 5:


I can’t tell you how surprised I was to see that runway-like area in Los Angeles just before landing. As soon as I saw this, the list item “Visit L.A.” bumped up to a significant place in my wishlist. 😀

What’s your favorite place in GTA V?

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