Need for Speed Reboot May Release on November 3, According to Xbox Store

need for speed 2015

Leaks are a big source of information for technology and gaming world. We all love them because they give us a peek into the possible future ahead of their official announcement. The latest leak comes from Xbox Store website where reportedly the all new Need for Speed appeared with a release date of November 3, 2015.

To recap, Need for Speed reboot has already been confirmed by the developer. It says that the game will offer a complete overhaul of the series offering players a new experience of racing. However, it didn’t detail as to when the game may hit the stores and exactly what the theme of this year’s Need for Speed will be.

Thanks to the user who spotted the page on Xbox Store, we now have a possible timeframe about when the new game may be released.

need for speed 2015

The description of the game also hints a nighttime racing world that Need for Speed will offer to the gamers. It kind of matches the earlier trailer that was published informing the fans of the series of its arrival.

Microsoft has already taken down the page from its Xbox Store, but as you can see above, screenshots have been taken and shared on the web. The game may not release exactly on November 3rd, but we now have an expected date of release, although the publisher may officially announce the game long before that.

So, NFS fans, are you ready with your PC/Console for some nighttime racing?

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