Bloodborne’s Latest Patch Makes the Game Easier to Play


You should know that you’re not alone in the world where PlayStation 4 players are having incredible bonding with “YOU DIED” screen from Bloodborne. In fact, pretty much everyone is becoming best friends with that screen. Except a few really expert gamers, most others get easily frustrated with how difficult the game is to play.

Fortunately, developer From Software hears you. And they are releasing a rather large patch today to make the game easier to play.

According to a blog post published on PlayStation’s blog, the game receives significant changes through patch 1.04 that’s being pushed out today. You can check out the full changes that are coming to the game over at PlayStation blog.

Bloodborne is a Dark Soul-themed PlayStation exclusive game that made buzz after it was released not just because of its addictive gameplay, great storyline, and rich environment, but also for how difficult it is to progress in the game fighting beasts. While hardcore gamers have stuck around and pushed through all difficulties that lay in their path, many newcomers have given up. Especially if you look at the current second hand market of PlayStation 4 games, you’ll notice lots of trading requests for Bloodborne.

With the new update, the difficulty is likely to change and the game may actually be more enjoyable for new gamers. So if you still got a copy of Bloodborne lying around, waiting to be traded for something else, give it another try after applying the new patch. Perhaps you’ll like what you see?


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