Need for Speed Reboot Coming Soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

need for speed 2015

If there’s one thing that Electronic Arts’ fans hate, it’s the absence of innovation at one of its most popular series of all time, Need for Speed. For decades, it has been EA’s cash cow and gamers have loved all that this game has offered.

However, in recent times, the game started to show that its developers and designers were falling short of ideas. The interesting plot and amazing gameplay of Most Wanted (first one) and the extended car tuning options that came with NFS Underground made gamers want more from the series. But EA failed to deliver. And the publisher finally took the much-needed pause to think what to do with the series.

With E3 just around the corner, the publisher has dropped the bomb: Need for Speed is making a comeback. This time, the series will be a ‘full reboot’, meaning it will be as unique as it gets, and it will be released for [what we still call] the next generation consoles, that are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, alongside PC.

The official YouTube account of Need for Speed has already uploaded half a minute of teaser trailer for the upcoming game in the series. Well, we probably shouldn’t call it a game in the ‘series’, since it’s seeing a full reboot. In case you were wondering, reboot basically means you can safely forget whatever happened in the past and expect something brand new, from a fresh perspective and original storyline.

At least, that’s what EA is planning to show off at E3 this year. The developer of this year’s title, Ghost Games, said that the game will hit the shelves this fall.

Although fans worldwide are still puzzled as to what reboot means for this particular game, as Need for Speed games generally come with its own unique storyline on each iteration, but the developer is promising to deliver something that will satisfy the Need for Speed fans’ demands.

It’s safe to say that that is simply not possible. Some people prefer the gameplay and storyline of Need for Speed Most Wanted that was not developed by Criterion Games, others want advanced tuning capability to pimp their rides the way the want it to.

As EA has taken enough time to come up with something that will cater to the NFS fans, we can certainly hope that this year’s Need for Speed won’t be as bad and boring as some of the recent ones.

There’s no point in asking whether you have played Need for Speed or not; because obviously you did. Which Need for Speed is your favorite so far and why?

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