Here Are 10 Best GTA 5 Mods for PC – Pt.1

gta 5 trevor

Today marks one month since the release of GTA 5 on Windows PC. That was quite possibly the best thing that ever happened so far in the gaming community, right? Gamers were already super excited two years ago when this game hit the shelves for consoles. PC gamers were mad at Rockstar for taking far too long to release the game for PC, but when it did, the gamers couldn’t thank them enough.

“The wait was every bit worth it,” any GTA 5 player from PC gaming community will tell you.

And that is not just because of the incredible graphics that Rockstar delivers with GTA 5, which by the way, depends on how powerful of a rig you have, but also because of one of the best things that PC gamers crave for: mods. 

Unless you’re an absolute newbie to gaming, you already know what mods are. If you don’t, mods are basically files that contain modification of some sort that change the way the game behaves. For example, you can bring the pacific ocean into the city of Los Santos, or fire cars using your gun instead of bullets.

No, I’m not using some wild imagination to show as examples of mod. These mods actually do exist. You can actually take the city of Las Santos under water, and you can shoot cars using your gun. Thanks to the incredibly active modding community, every imagination can now be turned into reality.

In GTA, you’re only bound by your imagination.

Today, we present to you some of the best mods that have been introduced to the PC gamers of GTA 5 in the first month. We’ll come back to you with more incredible, fun, and exciting GTA 5 mods in the coming days. For now, check out the following and download as you like.

Fire Cars from Weapon

Potentially the weirdest of them all, this mod lets you fire cars from your weapon. As if the destruction that can be caused by the heavy weaponry already available on GTA 5, this mod allows you to do the ultimate destruction by shooting cars into your target. Elimination is guaranteed.

Tsunami Hits Los Santos

As said in the example, this mod lets you flood the city of Los Santos. When it is active, you will be able to dive underwater and see the city from an entirely different perspective. You’ll see cars under the water, some survivors, and basically an idea of how it would look like if a real city were to go underwater. That is to say that Los Santos feels very real when you’re in it, isn’t that right?

Angry Planes Mod

What if the sky was full of angry birds planes? You read that right. Imagine a city where planes have their own mind, and they are not in a friendly mode any more. This mod lets you experience the world of GTA 5 filled with deadly planes that will stop at nothing from crashing at you. Try out Angry Planes mod, watch the city to go hell, and survive.

Get Inside the Buildings You Previously Couldn’t

Called Open All Interiors mod, this actually allows you to enter as many as 30+ interiors, allowing you to enter the buildings you previously couldn’t, and see the things that you previously didn’t.

Chaos Mode

As the name suggests, this Chaos Mode mod, also known as Pedestrian Riot mod, puts every pedestrian into a riot mode causing the ultimate chaos GTA 5 could throw at you. It’s like the music from King’s Man – The Secret Service finally being played and everyone being manipulated in the most destructive way imaginable.

This mod is must for those who are big fans of making a chaos scene in GTA 5. Admit it, you do like some degree of chaos at one time or another.

Gravity Gun

Perhaps you are a big fan of superpower and you don’t mind being able to hold stuff onto space. If that sounds like you, Gravity Gun makes your stun gun a, well, gravity gun. This allows you to fire an anti-gravity power into, say, a car and keep at floating in the air. Sounds fun? Go for it.

Nice Fly

So you are envious of eagle’s ability to fly? Envy no more. Introducing GTA 5, where everything is possible, including this Nice Fly mod that allows you to fly like your dream without ever having let gravity ruin your day.

Snow Mod

This is one of those mods that have a self-explanatory name. Love playing in snow? Don’t worry, we won’t call you a child. Because in GTA 5, NOBODY IS A CHILD!

Spawn Bodyguards to Protect You

So you feel like a sir and would highly appreciate some protective service. Spawn Bodyguards mod will allow you to spawn bodyguards that will protect you every time you get into a fight. This even has an option to equip your bodyguards with the weapon of your choice. Wait no more and go take a look at the Bodyguard Menu (official name of the mod).

Fly a UFO

You’d be lying if you were playing GTA 5, or reading about it on the gaming forums, and you didn’t come across the many theories surrounding the UFOs in the game. Well, whatever the case is, you can fly a UFO for yourself. Thanks to what is called Object Spooner, you can fly the UFO if that was one of your dream jobs in GTA 5.

How to Install GTA 5 Mods

Simply head over to the links attached in the description of the mods. On the left side, you will see a detailed instruction from the mod developer guiding you how to install that particular mod. If you’re having trouble, it’s generally a good idea to scroll through the comments, or leave one if you have an account.

Where to Find More GTA 5 Mods is your ultimate resource for checking out all the countless mods that didn’t make this list (because we couldn’t try out all of them!). It’s an amazing website with tons of content to download and experience GTA 5 from an unreal perspective. Not that GTA 5 has a real-world perspective to begin with, but you know what I mean.

A Word of Caution

You must, I repeat, you must uninstall/remove any and every mod before you attempt to log in to GTA Online. Rockstar will put a ban on your account, eliminating your access to the game’s open world space of real multiplayer experience. To avoid being banned, it is not just recommended, but also strongly advised that you remove all of your mods before connecting to GTA Online.

Because, you know, you aren’t allowed to pull unrealistic stuff in a real world.

So, have you played GTA 5 on your PC yet? Have you tried any mods? What are some of your favorite mods? Have you played any other mods that you’d like to see in this list? Tell us in the comments and we’ll give it a shot!

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