The Walking Dead Co-Op Shooter Game Coming to E3


No matter whether you like The Walking Dead or not, the massive popularity of the epic zombie series is undeniable. From the graphic novel to AMC’s TV series, as well as Telltale’s video game, The Walking Dead has seen major success pretty much everywhere. If you are a die-hard fan of it like I am, incredible things are waiting for you in the next year. 

Starbreeze Studios just announced in a press release that its new co-operative zombie shooter game, The Walking Dead, will make an appearance at E3 2015. E3 is the biggest show of the world in regards to gaming industry. The studio said that the game, developed by Overkill, will be a big part of its strong presence at the show next year.

A short teaser was released last year announcing The Walking Dead game although no real gameplay was shown as the game’s development hadn’t begun at that time.


The first announcement from the developer and studio came in August 2004 unveiling that the two were planning to develop a video game based on The Walking Dead. To ensure uniqueness of the game, the studio said that it would work with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to come up with original characters, storyline, and plots to offer gamers a new yet immersive experience.

About 8 months later, the studio confirmed that the game is in full production.

Robert Kirkman, the man behind The Walking Dead, said that the game mechanics will be similar to that of Payday. Payday is also being developed and published by Overkill and Starbreeze Studios. However, Kirkman assured that the game will be much bigger than Payday.

The game has a release window into 2016 although no specific time period was given. It is currently being made for Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4.

E3 is still more than half a year away and the gaming world is beginning to heat up with exciting announcement from game developers. As anyone with a little bit of knowledge of the gaming industry would know, E3 is the golden stage for every game developers. Even if gamers do not get a chance to enter the E3 floor in person, thanks to the massive media coverage the show receives, fans can get a playable demo — or whatever the game developer presents at E3 — from the gaming media of the world.

Are you excited about The Walking Dead? I definitely am. I’ve completed Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 with incredible excitement. I’m looking forward to an actual gameplay of the new title, and I genuinely hope that it lives up to its expectation.

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