What Is a Freemium Game?

freemium games

Freemium is a business model. It can be applied to digital software including games and apps. Most games that are available for free out there ‘aren’t really free.’ That is to say, they use what is known as a freemium model.

So what the heck is a freemium game?

A freemium model is the kind of model that every single user hates. Period. The main goal of this kind of apps and games is to annoy the heck out of you so that you spend some real money on a game, only to be annoyed later for more.

To simplify, a freemium model allows you to enter the loop at no cost. For this example, let’s talk about a game. You can download a freemium game at no cost. It will be downloaded on your device for free. You will even start playing the game without paying a dime. But just when you start smiling for the awesome game that you downloaded, you’ll begin to realize there’s a big obstacle in front of you.

There are two types of currency on freemium model games: Time and Money.

Video games today use what is known as virtual coin, or simply coins. These coins can be earned by playing games and earning XPs. The problem is, games that follow a freemium model put up so high requirement of coins that you will be stuck in playing the same level over and over again until you have enough coins to go forward.

Or, you know, you can skip playing the same level over and over again by paying a few real world dollars which will give you the extra coin that you need to move on to the next level.

For gamers of all types, freemium model is the most annoying thing. And it’s not like freemium model is only limited to mobile gaming. Even on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, and on Steam for PC, you’ll come across awesome-looking titles that are labeled “Free to Play.” You can go ahead and download them. But in a level or two, you’ll realize they are asking you for money.

Is There No Way to Not Pay?

Of course there is. You just have to play the same level too many times until you’re bored to death. If you have the supreme patience of doing that, don’t let that fool you into thinking you’ve defeated the game developer by spending many hours in game without actually paying any bucks. Because the time that you spent playing the game does convert into money for the game developers. 😀

So now you know it. Freemium models are the worst time wasters out there. If you find a game that’s labeled as Free to Play, no matter which platform you are on, be sure to run a Google search on that title and see what others are talking about that game. Chances are, you won’t get past the first few levels without paying for coins or spending infinite hours of boredom.

With that said, is there any freemium model game that you actually like?

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