Is Android Gaming Worth the Price?


Gaming is an inevitable part of modern life if you want some time off the harsh reality that we go through. We know it more than most other people because our site is built on that idea of using games to getaway from real life — for however long.

But when we talk about gaming, 90% of the time we refer to computers running high-end graphics card. AAA titles such as Battlefield and Call of Duty dominate the gaming industry — or at least one genre of it. However, is that all gaming world can offer you?

Certainly not. With the rise of Android and truly powerful graphics processing units built into Android phones and tablets, gaming has taken a sharp turn into mobile devices. While mobile gaming hasn’t surpassed actual PC or console gaming just yet, it has definitely seen huge popularity and adoption — thanks to the availability of Android devices at various price and form factors.

If you haven’t invested much into mobile gaming world, you might still be wondering, is Android good for gaming? Can an Android meet your hunger for games when all you need is a PC?

Phone or tablet, whichever you choose, if you use Android, you will have access to some hundreds of thousands of games that are available on Google Play store. Before you jump into buying a really high-end device exclusively for gaming, it’s normal to ask yourself if it’s really worth the price you pay for Android gaming. And we’re here to answer you.

Smartphone Gaming in Bangladesh

There are tons of gamers in Bangladesh. But I will go out on a limb here and say that at present, there may be more mobile gamers in Bangladesh than PC and console gamers combined. Also the majority of those mobile gamers are using Android-powered smartphone or tablet. With mobile gaming, even Angry Birds counts as a game. So while not as many people are playing graphics intensive, high definition games on their mobile version, if you combine everyone who plays games on Android, the number will surprise you.

If you take a look at the Android phone-related Facebook groups based in Bangladesh, you will notice the trend that people want to buy an Android phone often strictly for the purpose of taking photos and playing games. Hardcore mobile gamers swear by some Gameloft and EA titles including popular FPS titles. That’s not to undermine the huge popularity of Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfer, though.

But if you’re new to the mobile gaming world, is it worth spending the extra money on getting a powerful mobile device that support high quality games? Let’s see.

Games for Android

If you aren’t sure what type of games are available on Google’s Android platform — on which runs the majority of smartphones in the world today — you are in for a big surprise. Major publishers like EA have many, many popular titles on Android. That’s besides the fact that there are many thousands of indie games that will blow your mind away the moment you enter into them.

The first place to take a quick look over the games available for Android is Google Play store. Click here to launch Google Play store’s Games category. You will be presented with some of the most popular games on the page that you land on. To further refine what you see on that page, you can click on Subcategories drop down menu and you’ll see a list of genres you can browse.

As you will see, there are many, many types of games on Google Play. From Racing to Puzzle, Action to Adventure, Arcade to Role-Playing, Strategy to Cards, you will find literally every type of game that you can imagine on Google Play store.

But, there are some catches.

Not Every Games Are Free to Play

As you should expect, not all of the games that you see listed on Google Play are playable for free. Sure, there are plenty of games that are either free of cost or free to play (freemium model), but majority of AAA titles will cost you. The price ranges from a few cents to a few dollars. Most of the time it’s not a big deal, but it is when you can’t pay — or don’t want to pay.

The route most people choose to play games on their Android is by embracing piracy! Literally all of the major games are available on third-party websites for download at no cost. Granted, there are some tricks involved in getting those games to play on your Android device, but if you’re a PC gamer already, chances are, you’re used to with the additional cracking steps required to play a pirated game.

I should mention that I don’t necessarily support gaming piracy. However, from some countries, including Bangladesh, it’s really difficult, sometimes impossible, for people to pay for games even if they wanted to. Google Play store only supports international credit cards, and most of the credit/debit cards that we have do not work on Google. So we are left with no choice but to go piracy.

Not Every Games Run Well on Every Phone

Here’s another tricky part, you might be excited for the fact that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is available on Google Play. But if you opt for a low-cost Android phone, there’s a pretty good chance that your phone won’t run this game that well.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s the same as with PC gaming. Not every PC is well-configured to play every games. But you do have the option to upgrade your PC so that you can play the games that you like.

With Android gaming, if your phone doesn’t sport good enough specs, you’re out of luck. You can’t upgrade your device without having to purchase a new one. It’s just the way it is.

So, Is Android Gaming Worth It?

The answer is, yes and no.

It depends on your expectation. If you’re planning to get a device exclusively for hardcore gaming, and you do get a high-end device, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of FPS, RPG and Racing games available on Google Play.

But you should bear in mind that if you come from a hardcore PC gaming environment, you might not like mobile gaming as much. Especially FPS games aren’t as fun with a touch control. Plenty of people play it. And you should decide only after playing it by yourself.

As for most other “mobile games”, like Flappy Bird, Clash of Clans, and Subway Surfer, they are good ways to spend your time when you need to. When you ease up on mobile gaming, you’ll be surprised by how many good games there are on Android to discover and play. Most excitingly, plenty of those games run on mid-range Android phones as well, so you don’t have to break your bank to go mobile gaming.


Android gaming will be good for:

  • Spending some quality time in the back bench of your class.
  • Fun games.
  • Few optimized AAA titles such as Modern Combat and Dead Space.

Android gaming may disappoint you if:

  • You come from a hardcore PC gaming environment and you seek the same level of fast-paced mobile gaming.
  • You expect PC/Console-like ‘awesomeness’ from your phone.
  • Your phone or tablet’s specifications are low powered to run high definition Android games.

So there you go. I’ll soon start writing short reviews of some awesome Android games that I come across. If you’re a hardcore mobile gamer, sound off in the comment section and let us know if you think Android gaming is worth it.

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